Does God exist ??

This is the basic question that makes reason and religion two contradicting enemies, but till today this remains an unanswered question. In a way it cannot be called an unanswered question, since it has been answered a bit too much, to a really great extend, but no conclusion has been drawn yet.

Now to this I come up with a hypothesis that proves “God does exist”. Aaron Arrowsmith once said, “A heathen philosopher once asked a Christian,’ Where is God?’ The Christian answered,’ let me first ask you, where is he not?’”

After a brief research I finally came to a conclusion, a statement that proves, god does exist, with the very own theories that science has formulated to prove that god does not exist. The statement is as follows “A dynamic universe cannot exist without a static centre which has to be in equilibrium with the entire universe that is with every other matter or wave in the universe.”

Now when we study the nature’s behaviour, we understand that it always exists with a point that seeks to be in equilibrium. And this tendency is not only seen in the human body, but also in the universe too. Let us take the example of the solar system; the sun is the equilibrium point of the solar system. If the sun shifts even a bit, there will be an imbalance in the system that may lead to irreversible changes or damage to the systems that are related to it.

So, it can be concluded that the very first need of equilibrium is relation. The shift in sun’s position will definitely not affect any other galaxy or planet that has no relation with it. So it can simply be interpreted that no matter or wave can be in equilibrium with the entire universe, as a single matter cannot be in a relation with every other matter. So therefore, this existence that binds the universe should be of an immense energy source, so that it can hold the entire universe. And there does not exist anything other than matter and wave, but considering the fact that there cannot exist a dynamic universe that has no equilibrium point, I conclude by calling this point to be the “essence of God” (since god cannot be defined).


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